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Absolutely love this sport.  There aren’t many cultures on the planet that don’t recognize that the stick gets bent, the arrow sits on the string and then releasing the string launches the arrow.  Romanticized in many a movie or Netflix series, archery is an inexpensive sport to take up and participate in.  If when you think of archery, all you think about is cursing about how you can never hit a target in the distance, then you haven’t participated in an archery club tournament where you walk through the woods, stopping at designated waymarks to fire upon Styrofoam likenesses of wild animals, where a couple of lucky shots could net you a few hundred dollars in prizes.  If that doesn’t turn your crank, maybe firing marshmallow-tipped arrows at other humans across a warehouse floor in an archery version of Dodgeball would.

I personally have great respect for people who hunt with bows.  It takes a lot of skill and patience.  It’s also part of my heritage.  The family name “Hart” is a reference to a buck deer and often was awarded to families who made their living hunting venison for food.  There isn’t much call for it these days…cheeseburgers don’t run away and they frown upon you taking your bow and arrow into McDonalds anyway….

Myself…and several friends equally as moronic,  likely narrowly escaped earning ourselves Darwin awards when we were young and stupid and tested fate by firing our arrows into the clouds directly above us and then set to blindly running for our lives….NEVER DO THIS!  This is exactly why they banned old-school lawn darts.

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