Cornwall: Dance Schools & Clubs

The ArtsGames

A L’l Pole Fitness           

Ballroom Dancing in Eastern Ontario     

Beat Central Dance Company                            

Cornwall School of Dance – Jane MacMillan    

Pascalina’s Dance Studio             

Powell School of Dance Inc.           

Studio C Dance School                           

Swinging B’s Square & Round Dance Club    

Provincial & National Organizations:

Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association           

Canadian Pole Fitness Association    

Canadian Square & Round Dance Society              

Dance Ontario                        

Dance Town   

Dance with us Ottawa.COM   

Eastern Canada Highland Dancers Alliance    

Highland Dancers’ Association of Ontario    

Irish Dance Teachers Association of Canada    

National Ballet of Canada                             

Ontario School of Ballet                        

Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation              

ScotDance Canada                      

ScotDance Ontario    

Square & Round Dance Eastern Ontario         

Team Canada Dance    

Links of Interest:

Arts Games                      

Border Boosters Square & Round Dance Association             

Creativiva Inc. Entertainment Agency                               


Red Bull Flying Bach    

Square Dance Resource Net    

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