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Sean A. Butcher


  • Former League and Officials convenor for the Sault Amateur Soccer Association.
  • Former Chairman for the South Dundas Sports and Recreation Association.
  • Former Youth Instructor for South Dundas Summer Soccer Camps.
  • Former Member of Meeting Professionals International – Ottawa Chapter.
  • Former Coach many times over for Youth and Adult amateur soccer teams.
  • Former Facilities Manager for the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Eastern Ontario.
  • Former Coordinator for two Professional Bass Fishing Tournaments.
  • Former Member of the Cornwall Cougars Track & Field Club-Competed at regional and provincial levels for Javelin and 400 m sprints.
  • Former Scouter Sean.  Camped with grizzlies, camped in the snow and can build a bridge with sticks and ropes.
  • Former Dragon Boat Participant.
  • Former Paintball head-shot victim.
  • Board Member for the Upper Canada Rowing Club with Learn to Row Instructor Certificate.
  • CEO of The Optimal Outfit of Pompous Spacemen-EVE online.
  • Professional bartender certificate-Barpro Academy Ottawa.